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World of Warships: Legends really strives for authenticity and it shows in every aspect of the game. The environment and the ships themselves are incredibly detailed. The water and islands look like moving photos of their real life counterparts as the waves crest and crash into the sides of the ship.

Wargaming packed every possible detail into the ships from antennas and guns to the rivets that hold the steel of the hull together. World Of Warships Review The realism they were able to achieve in the game is truly astonishing and really adds to a very immersive game. In addition to the aesthetics, Wargaming also achieved an incredible level of authenticity in the gameplay itself.

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World Of Warships Review

Warships from the World Wars were difficult to maneuver and the guns didn’t reload instantaneously and the ships in the game mirror this which really adds a layer of realism and strategy to an already great game. World Of Warships Review Every single part of how this game looks and feels really shows how much work Wargaming put into its development.

About World of Warships

Wargaming’s World Of Warships Review is based on naval combat between vintage warships from the first half of the 20th century. Players can choose and develop battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and cruisers. Teams battle each other in this massive multiplayer game and also play in cooperative mode. There are also competitive modes and 12-member team versus team action.

World Of Warships Review

This free game is a deliberately paced hunt and fire game using torpedoes and ship-mounted artillery. Teams can represent the U.S. Navy, Imperial Japan, France, Britain, the German Empire and Russia, Asia, China and Korea. There are other navies available at premium cost.

World of Warships Pricing

✪ Starting Price: Free
✪ Pricing Details: In-app purchases available
✪ Free Version: Free Version available.

World Of Warships Review

World of Warships Pron & Cons

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Hitting targets is more involved that just pointing and shooting
  • Slower-paced battles lend themselves to more strategic thinking


  • Maps are dull and terrain serves more as an irritating obstacle than an interesting variable
  • Being forced to wait until a match is over in order to use your ship again is annoying.
World Of Warships Review

Product Details

✓ System Requirements
✓ Windows
✓ Mac
✓ Android
✓ Xbox
✓ PlayStation
✓ iPhone
✓ iPad

World Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships Review

The Camouflages

The permanent camouflage of the Marseille provides the classic bonuses for tier X ships:

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✪ -3% to surface detectability range
✪ +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship
✪ -50% to the cost of ship’s post-battle service
✪ +20% credits earned in the battle.
✪ +100% to experience earned in the battle

With the early access event, Marseille is also getting the Liberation camouflage that gives the same bonuses:

World Of Warships Review

Marseille, as well as the other French large cruisers, is a particularly weird ship, suffering from an identity crisis. The ships are sitting in between the roaming, World Of Warships Review HE spamming gameplay of Henri IV and the more AP-focused and static gameplay of Stalingrad.

While at the start, the ships were advertised as glass cannons with high firepower and low survivability, now they are more of a middle ground. For Cherbourg and Brest, you might even say that their firepower is actually below average.

Cherbourg, with her 305 mm guns just doesn’t stand much chance against most tier VIII cruisers unless you get people flat broadside. World Of Warships Review Her main battery reload time is just FAR too slow. As for Brest, it’s already better because she gets the same guns as Marseille but she is still crippled by the long reload.

On one side, Marseille has great mobility with a tight turning radius, the capacity to stop and start in the blink of an eye with the French Engine Boost, and also good concealment to sneak around and get to advantageous positions.

World Of Warships Review

Coupled with that, the HE is very strong with high damage, penetration, and fire chances. The problem is that her capacity to wiggle around, kitting away, and go all gun blazing constantly is severely hindered by her turret traverse.

Because it’s so slow (34.5 seconds once fully specced) compared to the turning speed of the ship, whenever you turn in the opposite direction of where you are pointing your guns, the turrets will not be able to stay on target, World Of Warships Review forcing you to either stop shooting or make a slower turn which could be dangerous. The other problem is that the ship has rather disappointing dispersion because of the 1.8 sigma and the high shell velocity.

On the other side, the ship has really potent AP shells that can punish broadsides, including battleships, quite easily. World Of Warships Review The main battery layout is also a massive advantage because you can pick around islands completely unspotted as the superstructure will still be behind cover.

World Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships ReviewWorld Of Warships Review

Another thing that helps the ship when you need to go into a more static positioning is the combined good armor with the 36 mm deck, small superstructure and the great firing angles. This allows you to maximize protection against AP and HE.

World Of Warships Review

Fortunately, the fact that she has clear downsides in both playstyles doesn’t mean that the ship is bad. In fact, overall Marseille is a solid package and a good all-rounder for a damage-focused cruiser. She can perfectly burn down enemy ships because of the high alpha and fire chances of the HE while also being able to punish broadsiding ships.

All that while still having appreciable tanking power, good concealment, and mobility. While I wouldn’t really see her in a competitive environment because other World Of Warships Review ships are just better for the whole damage dealing/tanking role, in random battles, she is definitely worth playing. I just wish I could say the same for Cherbourg and Brest…

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