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Introducing WordHero — An affordable AI writing assistant that will help you generate high-quality in a blink. If you’re a freelancer, marketing agency, Blogger then you can create easy content for blogs, e-commerce stores, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at an insanely cheapest cost!

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  • Wordplay is a long-form AI content creator that helps you
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WordplayLifetime Deals

  • The #1 Long-Form AI Writer. Create 2,000+ words in one click.
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  • Get clean, crisp copy with an AI-based writing assistant that edits as you type
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  • AI based all-in-one SEO tool that checks
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What is WordHero?

Writer WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal is a content writing tool powered by artificial intelligence. It was launched in July 2023 by an experienced digital marketer, Jeff Tay. It currently has over 10k active users/month, and its AI generates over 100 million words every month!

This powerful tool lets you generate a wide range of content, including emails, blog intros, song lyrics, product descriptions, and much more. WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal Their primary vision with this tool is to help everyone write content easily and quickly.

I love WordHero because of the following reasons

● The program has a simple user interface that is extremely easy to use.
● You can get feedback and suggestions for your writing.
● The tool will help you to develop and improve your writing skills.

WordHero’s AI technology enables you to create original content for your blog, social media, emails and more – in just seconds.

It can generate hundreds of thousands of WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal unique combinations of text to help your business stand out on social media and search engines.

WordHero Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for an AI-based writing tool to help you improve your content, WordHero is definitely worth checking out.
It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of templates, but it’s not free. Read the pros and cons of WordHero AI software.

  • Unlimited content generation
  • Write sales & marketing emails that sell
  • Generate catchy captions for social media
  • Write memorable product titles & descriptions
  • Brainstorm viral marketing & startup ideas
  • Does not offer a free trial or free plan
  • Wordhero AI is not as creative as human

WordHero Pricing

There are two main pricing plans that you can select from.

● WordHero AppSumo Pricing
● WordHero Actual Pricing

1. WordHero AppSumo Pricing $89

You can try the WordHero AppSumo lifetime deal now and get instant access to WordHero with unlimited content credits by paying a one-time $89 price.
Check this WordHero Appsumo page to learn more about this pricing plan.

2. WordHero Actual Pricing on Website $49

WordHero offers only one plan, which you can buy monthly or annually.
The plan is $49 if you choose to pay monthly. WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal But if you want the plan for one year, you will get huge discounts as the yearly price is just $29 per month.

WordHero AI FAQs

What AI technology is WordHero using?

WordHero currently uses mainly OpenAI’s GPT-3. But they are also exploring new AI technologies that can bring into the fold for the active users.

What is included in this lifetime deal? Can I access all the tools?

Using WordHero AppSumo deal, you get a WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal lifetime license of the WordHero writing app and unlimited access to 50+ tools. You can access all the short-form copywriting tools and create unlimited content.

Will WordHero replace writers?

WordHero has a powerful AI technology that creates high-quality content, but it’s still necessary to have the human being checking and editing the content outputs.

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