Luminar 4 Review: Best Lightroom Alternative in 2021

Luminar 4 Review: A Simple-Yet-Proven Lightroom Alternative in 2020

Luminar 4 review


Lumina 4 is already carving its niche in the photo-editing software of the saturated universe. Skylum, the most recent production of Lumina 4, is full of general editing tools that are ideal for photographers who want to simplify the process of editing their photographs. If you want to spend time in front of a PC, it can be a fierce competition. Inside this Luminar 4 review, we will take a closer look at what this software actually enables.

Luminar 4 Review: Best Lightroom Alternative in 2021 1 Luminar 4 Review: Best Lightroom Alternative in 2021Luminar 4 Review: Best Lightroom Alternative in 2021 2 Luminar 4 Review: Best Lightroom Alternative in 2021

There’s a lot of talk about photography circles versus lightroom and I believe the Luminar 4 will probably shoot more lightroom users. Any loose lining edge of the Luminar 3 becomes tidy, attracting a more secure and attractive editor to work with; Feels fresh. For the first time, I’m really enjoying using any photo editor.


Luminar 4 Review Introduction:


A complete redesign of the Lumina 4, the future version 4 software has powerful AI tools that speed up the editing process. UI is easy to use and fresh with a few notable speed enhancements. Still, Luminaire’s library and export windows are missing in all features.



Updated to Luminar 4, Luminar 3?


Luminar 4 has its own standalone software. This is a completely new look from the Luminar show and this is not a free update for Luminar 3. If you already have Luminar 3, you can switch to Luminae 4 instead.


Continue studying our Luminar Review to determine if investing in another version is right for you!

Photo editing with artificial intelligence:


I will admit that I was skeptical when I first learned about the new Luminar 4 and how they added several tools using Artificial Intelligence (AI). By skill, automation and photo-editing rarely go together very nicely. Luminar 4 proved me wrong. Quite wrong.

AI edits are found in previous Luminar variants but they didn’t blow my mind even after they did exactly what they promised. This is no longer true. Automation is here.


AI Sky replacement:


The biggest feature of the Luminar 4 is that it is a new fresh AI Sky replacement. This tool has proven to me that automation and post-processing can work above all else.


This is certainly not a tool for everyone. To this degree sky replacement and photo, manipulation is an interesting topic and there are lots of strong opinions about it. Personally, replacing heaven is somewhat beyond my comfort zone.


As outside photographers, we rely heavily on weather conditions, and sadly, they don’t necessarily play for us. Revisiting this particular place may not be a choice, so replacing the sky can be an option to show off something outside of your trip.


Fixing the sky is annoyingly easy with AI mode. Yes, it actually bothers me how easy it is; Basically because I understand how time-consuming it is to perform it manually.


Luminar 4 Review


Ways to use the AI Sky replacement tool

Fixing the sky at Luminar 4 is fairly straight forward. In reality, it’s so easy that all you have to do is pick the sky from your drop-down list and then voila! It is done.


Here’s a quick preview of how to replace the sky in a few moments:


Luminar 4 Review


Here’s how you can use the AI Sky Replacement tool to see what you can see in the movie above:


  1. Choose the image you want and open it in the edit module (top bar)


  1. Select the Creative tab in the right panel


  1. Select your favorite sky from the drop-down menu


Note that the sky replacement will not be perfect every single time and requires some tweets for the girl along with other sliders. I found that it worked best if there was a large comparison between the landscape and the sky, but let’s take a look at a more complex technique:


The image above is not easy to earn the right mask. It’s not impossible but when I was getting it manually in Photoshop it took a long time to create a mask around the branches as well as along the hills and along the tree lines.


Using the AI Sky replacement tool, it takes less than 30 seconds. I just chose the sky I needed and made two quick changes to the Close Two and Reel Scene slider to produce the mix seamlessly.


Another neat function using all AI Sky replacement tools is your choice of adding sky. I got a feeling that we were going to find a lot of skies available, thus adding your own would be a big step towards creating a more unique image.

The only limitation of using the sky replacement tool is the inability to replace the sky in reflection; Either it is in the water or towards any construction.


AI construction:


Another new and notable feature of the Luminar 4 is the AI construction; It automatically defines items in your photos and enhances clarity and detail internationally instead. It can be considered as a more intelligent pool slider.


People who understand my post-processing know that I’m generally skeptical of lightroom clarity, texture, and sliders like Dahl. All of this tends to introduce a good deal of unreasonable noise and reduce the overall image quality. After doing several evaluations of the AI structure I was surprised to learn that it does not identify noise or damage related documents.




Holding is another frequent art form when using international sharpening tools. However, this again seems to be something that Luminar’s pro team has worked hard to prevent as there is no problem with the AI structure. I usually do it even when the sliders are pushed further away.


I recommend caution when working with these types of sliders. It may not include unnecessary patterns but the figure has become excessively sharp and refuses to examine it.

The luminar appeared:


Yet Luminar has plenty of presets, which they are now telephoning to “appear”, you can apply in your own picture. This is a great way to search for a quick starting point for your photo or to get rid of the editing method altogether.


You can make your own changes and save the look of a habit, enabling you to use a variety of images to cover


Luminar 4 Review

The customer interface of Luminar:


Editing window


Although the Luminar 3 was quite customizable, was it a small complication? With so many options and filters to use, it has dropped a degree of simplicity. The Luminar 4 addresses it by adjusting the design, providing you with 5 unique sidebars. This allows you to choose the right assortment of tools for your image. If necessary, it is possible to transfer between them to use unique tools.


It’s clean enough now and the editing method seems easy to browse.


Luminar 4 Review


One of the things I said in my review of the Luminar 3 is that the export window is pretty straightforward. Alas, the Luminar 4 has not made any upgrades in this regard. Choices for exporting images are quite limited and you can’t even create export presets. Hopefully, this is something they will deal with but there are no upgrades in the area as it stands.


Two users of Luminar 3 and potential Luminar 4 users will probably be glad to hear that your photograph’s metadata editing capabilities (whether it’s captions, keywords, etc.) come in two variants of Luminar. We’ve been advised to do this in ancient 2020 and I’ll upgrade the review appropriately.


Library window


There are still some improvements in the library part of the Luminar 4. This is partly because Skylim does not want to replicate the lightroom, but rather identifies itself as its giant.


Speed and efficiency of Luminar:


Some users said the problem was relieved with the use of Luminar 3, especially operators on Windows computers. As for me, I have never experienced these issues and with Windows users with whom I have no problem with the rate of this software.


The big thing here is of course the construction of every machine used to operate the luminar. If the computer does not have the required hardware, things will probably slow down. With that in mind, however, Skylim has worked to strike a balance between the Windows and Mac versions of Luminar 4.


We’ve both been told that Mac and Windows users will see the same features and you’ll be able to increase the performance and speed built into the Luminar 4.


In my experience with this particular, Luminar 4 review software adjustments are quick and easy. Small changes will not be a slight delay in hiring and large AI tools do not seem to be the minimum delay in hiring.


Is the luminar better than the lightroom?


Many of you have questions to read this Luminar 4 review. The reality is, the two are different animals. Skylum has always been clear that they don’t want to create their own version of Adobe’s Lightroom, but rather divide the business’s own status.

Lightroom is probably the best option for organizing adequate libraries of photographs. If you’re just looking for workflow management, you’re probably stuck with the lightroom. But if you want to make editing faster and more streamlined, Luminar 4 is right for you

Remember, though, this luminar has its own cataloging work. It’s not as expensive outside as the lightroom. So, think about trading for your editing tools. Additionally, Skylum rolls a lot of upgrades and they are upgrading the catalog feature to make it even better.

Upgrade to Luminar 4 in the future:


When buying new software, does it always promise to look? That upgrade is rotated frequently. No one wants to invest in software to find out if programmers have gone beyond that.


Fortunately, Skylim clearly considers upgrading Luminar4and delivering a great product. Obviously, there will be a luminar at the bottom of the line – but it doesn’t look like it will be everywhere anytime soon.


We’ve seen several upgrades to the luminar, yet more changes will come. The Skylum Roadmap guarantees more tweets and optimizations.


After you download the software, make sure you have it automatically verified for upgrades. Upgrades are easy to miss, and thus the releases have attracted a lot of changes and new tools.


As more features are released, we’ll upgrade our Luminar 4 reviews to provide you with an up-to-date summary.


Could Luminar 4 be for you?


There is still more about it as I begin to answer this question in the paragraph. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, you know I’ve never suggested products/services that I haven’t tested, and I really believe that can make a difference.


I think this is a software that can work wonders to get lots of men and women. But not for everyone.


Luminar 4 is a great match for those who:


Your want to increase your post-processing but Photoshop is very complicated to learn


AI wants to simplify your post-processing workflow by taking advantage of AI


New to image editing and don’t know how to get started


Hours No need to spend hours editing pictures


A want to edit in a non-destructive workflow


Read want to apply creative presence easily


Process multiple images at once and provide a similar appearance to them by copying and pasting settings


Luminar  4 is not a great match for you personally:


Simply search Photoshop to enjoy full manual control over your workflow

Don’t mind spending time in the picture


Sk doesn’t like techniques like Sky replacement


Photos Gain long experience with Photoshop and create an efficient workflow



I had my suspicions when I read that the Luminar AI was attracting equipment and there were also many “future” upgrades. In reality, I was a little disappointed, believing it would get flashy and that something wouldn’t work very well.


Boy, was I wrong? I had the software for a few fourteen days and I turned on my first thoughts completely. The tools operate – and they handle really well. I’m extremely impressed, and obviously Skylam has taken the time and cash needed to spend on the Luminar 4 to compete in an important competition.


If you’re traveling, I’d say it’s a deal. There’s no subscription fee, plus a cheap one-off (imported at $ 89) you can’t fail. As soon as you buy it, you have the Luminar 4 indefinitely. “Normal” photo-editors feel dull and outdated in contrast to Luminar 4 – also Skylim has taken some necessary life in the photo-editing method.

You can download Luminar 4 on Skylum site, use the NATURETTL code for about 10 percent discount.


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