LeadPages Review[ 2020] – Savvy Landing Pages for Entrepreneurs

LeadPages Review [2020] – Savvy Landing Pages for Entrepreneurs

LeadPages Review

In this updated 2020 lead pages review, you will find that we are still offering this service for bloggers and writers who want to be an entrepreneur on the Internet.

LeadPages is a cloud-based landing page builder and lead generation solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them capture new leads to publish their landing pages, drive web traffic, and promote their marketing.



LeadPages was founded in 2010 by Clay Collins. It is based in Minneapolis, USA.

Leadpages are a suite of tools that help your organization capture more lead and help those businesses grow by converting those leads into paying customers. They are mostly known for their landing page builders and highly effective (yet somewhat annoying) pop-ups.

Features Of LeadPages:

In terms of features, LeadPages packs a lot for a reasonable price on its platform. My only complaint is that you can create unlimited landing pages but you will not get unlimited A / B testing in standard version testing

Yes, the company has to differentiate its plans but preserving this essential feature for its more expensive plan basically eliminates the cost price rather than unbound and install page.

Leadpages are a big reason to gain more than the competition because no matter which version you use, you have no restrictions on traffic. With Unbound’s, for example, you are limited to 500,000 unique visitors per month, and to do more than that you need to sign up for Enterprise Edition.

It’s absolutely clean, beautiful, and easy to use (if you don’t work with WordPress). I like the drag and drop feature and how fast I can update your pages. I use it with WordPress but it took a while to get used to it.

They recently added a top bar feature to announce on any page and you can integrate pages with third-party apps like Mailchimp! Lead generation is easy and you can redirect users after signing up for any page you like.

The way you use their software is limited by your creativity and imagination. I not only use it as a landing page but also host my entire site on it!

Leadpages allow non-developers to quickly create the required landing pages without the technical knowledge of web development.

The new drag and drop email maker feature saves so much time. Great features like one-click signup help in better conversions. Easy to use due to onboard support. I believe they are innovative and very helpful.


PROS & CONS OF LeadPages:


  • Easy to use
  • Create landing pages quickly
  • Filter templates by the highest conversion rate
  • Id Solid Integration Options
  • Traffic: There are no traffic restrictions
  • This is a relatively simple tool
  • Quickly create hard landing pages. They load quickly and convert well. It’s also easy to use the text subscription method for offline events
  • It’s easy for us to create beautiful web pages in our moments and attract more clients and visitors using the Target Facebook Advertising feature.
  • Great for creating your online funnels!



  • Some editors may be frustrated by their limitations.
  • Examples of different types of templates and use for each feature. A better way to organize your landing pages. Labels only to organize pages.
  • The analyzes are quite basic
  • He has a disappointing drag and drops features
  • Enter There is no enterprise option
  • Lack of customization
  • Ugg loose pull and drop maker
  • Limited A / B testing on standard plans
  • Form options are limited


leadpages Pricing:

How much do leadpages cost?

LeadPages has three packages available:

  • The standard for New Business
  • Pro for Growing Business
  • Advanced for Agencies.

There is no substitute for the enterprise brand but this platform is not actually a larger business goal.

LeadPages Review



There are three separate payment models, including Leapages, allowing you to pay monthly on an annual and 2-year basis – each option offering a lower equivalent price.

If you compare it with Unbound (plans start at $ 79 / mo) and with Instapage (plans start at $ 99 / mo), LeadPages clearly offers a cheaper alternative to small business.

Here’s what you get for your money.

Top standard ($ 37 / mo, paid annually)

Unlimited pages, traffic, and tops

Leadpage Pro (paid annually 79 / mo, paid)

  • All standard features
  • Sa online sales and payment
  • Unlimited A / B split test
  • Email trigger links
  • Text 10 Select Text Promotions
  • Particular discounts with partner companies

Top pioneers (annual paid 321 / mo, paid)

All standard and pro features

  • Advanced integrated
  • 5 free sub-accounts
  • Text 50 Additional opt-in text campaigns
  • 1-on-1 quick start call
  • Virtual Workshop Leadpage
  • WordPress plugin

The WordPress plugin makes it easy to publish pages directly from your dashboard. This is how I recommend doing it because WordPress is a great solution for hosting your site. If you’ve already done so, just install the WordPress plugin so you can publish it directly.


How to create a landing page with leadpages?

Now that you know what to expect at the theoretical level, let’s this leadpages review a little more… hands-on.

That is, I will actually take you through the interface, do my thinking and tell you how you can apply the features of leadpages to your own business needs.

To spin a new landing page, all you have to do is click a button on the leadpages interface:

LeadPages Review


Then, LeadPages will ask you to choose from 130+ free templates.

They give you the option to switch to the old standard editor (as opposed to the new drag and drop editor). While the flexibility is nice to get, the old experience is worse than the redesigned editor, so I suggest you always drag and drop the default!

Of course, you can always start with a 100% blank canvas. But since I think one of the main values ​​of leadpages is the template library, I’m going to demo a change to one of the free templates for this review:

LeadPages Review

Fun fact – this template is very similar to the template used on the Blogging Wizard’s VIP Blogging Resources page. A page that is unreasonably built with lead pages!

Once you choose a template, the lead pages ask you to enter the page’s internal name and then drop you into the drag and drop editor.

Should your leads be used to create your landing pages?

The functionality is intelligent, I think the lead pages are great. This is definitely a more powerful experience than the WordPress page builder.

The only misleading reason is its price, which is quite thick compared to any WordPress page builder’s solution.

If you want advanced features like great lead boxes, tons of integration and A / B testing as well as creating gorgeous landing pages across multiple sites, lead pages won’t disappoint you.

All you need to do is make sure that those features are producing a good ROI for you, in terms of increased revenue or time savings.


lead pages Support:

Users can access three support modes with Leadership:

  • Email Support – Available to all users
  • Chat support – only available to pro and advanced users
  • Phone support – only available to advanced users

By now it should be clear to you that leadpages give priority to higher paying customers. Of course, we don’t blame them for that.

Sometimes though it may feel like you’re getting the short edge of the stick as a standard or even pro user.

An example is email support. While this is no doubt for any user, LeadPages mentions that priority email support is included with all their pro and advanced subscriptions.

So your email will not be ignored, you should not expect to see the lightning-fast response. Swimming through other lead page reviews online, it seems we are not the only ones to share this feeling.

Conclusion of LeadPages Review:

At the end of this lead page review, you’ll find out if this is the most suitable landing page tool. Or if using alternatives like Instapage or Clickfunnels might be a better option.

Leadpages are a great solution for anyone who wants to create great looking and effective landing pages. It’s a very easy tool to use and the price point isn’t astronomy (especially now they have a $ 15 start plan), which won’t break the bank.

If you have limited design skills and need to create pages quickly and with little hassle, this may be the right tool for you. If you want to create great landing pages across multiple sites as well as great features like great lead boxes, tons of integration, and A / B testing, then LeadPages won’t disappoint you and you’ll look for one of the more detailed plans, pro or advanced.

You can always pick up the lead pages for the spin and try the lead pages for free Trial 14 days

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