This Morning Coffee Ritual Made Me Lose Half My Size

I’m down 139 and still eating all my favorite desserts!

From Laura M. 46 from Dallas, TX.

My mother always told me, “Laura, it’s either you choose to have dessert or you choose a perfect figure, but you can’t have both.”

And since I always chose dessert…I blamed myself for ending up with a flabby belly and jiggly thighs.

But then, I found one thing very odd: I’ve always had friends who are naturally slim even though eat whatever they want.

Meanwhile, back in college, I USED to be in pretty good shape…but only because I made up for all the sweets and dessert by playing basket ball and soccer.


Fast forward to me working 40 plus hours every week while raising three kids and a dog… I just couldn’t keep up with exercises anymore.


It also didn’t help that romance with my husband dried up, leaving me even more desperate for comfort foods and snacks that only made the problem worse. (Or so I thought…)


I was tired, grumpy, sluggish and angry all the time…and that’s when I started yearning desperately for something to change.


I knew that whatever it is– it had to be something VERY REALISTIC to accommodate MY BUSY Schedule. I knew I couldn’t magically add more hours to the day…so I went to my doctor to recommend something faster and easier.

I had my “Aha Moment” after my doctor shared a video explaining the “Exotic Coffee Loophole” I use today.


Turns out, my issues had NOTHING to do with diet, genetics, or exercise. The REAL issue was toxins in the environment which simply “vanishes away” thanks to this coffee method.


Now, after three decades of being stuck at 217, I’m proudly back to 139 and couldn’t be happier!


I even shared this “Daily Coffee Trick” with all my friends…who all saw a noticeable change within the first 14 days just like I did!

And of course…my husband LOVES what he sees now when he comes home every night.


Let’s just say the spark is back to our romance. I’m sure you know what I mean …😉


So check out this free video below to see how this “10-second coffee trick” works. This could be what you’ve been waiting for…but you’ll never know until you see for yourself!


Supporting your health journey,

Laura M.