Hotspot Shield VPN Review[2020]:The Best & Powerful VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN Review[2020]: The Best & Powerful VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN Review


Hotspot Shield is a favorite VPN service with more than 650 million subscribers and several servers. In fact, the website claims that it is the # 1 earning app for productivity from the US App Store. Peruse our Hotspot Shield VPN review for the lowdown on this easy to-utilize VPN, including its free and Elite forms.


Among the features that make the Hotspot Shield VPN special is its own unique catapult Hydra protocol that optimizes speed without sacrificing protection.

But is the hotspot shield the seller’s demand so fast?

We put VPNs during our most demanding exams to learn how the service works in each class.

We discovered that Hotspot Shield  VPN actually provided the fastest and unblocked hottest streaming websites. Other notable features include user-friendly apps, P2P service, and responsive 24/7 live chat service.

Notwithstanding this privacy strategy, we are very brave about the assurance of Hotspot Shield program augmentations.

Streaming – Is Hotspot Shield VPN Use Netflix?

Yes! I don’t have any problems after the server I have chosen is blocked. However, the problem was solved after switching to a different compatible server and I was able to stream content smoothly.

Hotspot Shield professes to be the quickest VPN in the business.

VPN’s unique catapult Hydra protocol was created to address some of the delayed issues with the IPSEC and OpenVPN protocols that can reduce connection speeds.

The site claims that the protocol will significantly improve the connection speed compared to popular VPNs.

We promise evaluation.


The Hotspot Shield VPN allows you to select a country, but not a single host, so we have not been able to test many servers in the United States.


Together with the UK as our digital location, our average download speed was 62 Mbps. This can be an impressive pace, especially for space from our physical site.


This speed is particularly impressive, as the speed of the link drops as your physical space increases from the host.


Great connection speed across all these boards. Most of the VPNs we tested were not in a position to provide reliable fast connections.


We have also discovered that links are secure and reliable over the years. We did not experience any speed reduction or omitted connections throughout our assessment.


Is  Hotspot Shield VPN great for torrenting?

Hotspot Shield is a great VPN for  Torrenting.


The VPN will hide your IP address and your P2P action from the ISP. Hotspot Shield also promises great upload and download speeds, which is great for sharing P2P files.


You can even get torrenting help and troubleshooting guides from the site’s help center.


Safety – Is the Hotspot Shield VPN  safe?

Well, it’s complicated. The app will work great to protect your privacy and security as you navigate. We could not escape any IP or DNS while evaluating their VPN application:


As you can see, our real IP address and location in the United States remain secret.


VPN protects your connection with strong encryption, flow protection, and malware protection. These features were served as expected during our assessment.


If you’re using a Windows Native app, you’ll be protected by an automatic kill button to keep your own data safe even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Sorry, the kill button is only available for Windows.


When we checked the IP and DNS leaks with the Chrome browser extension, the results weren’t so great:


Although our real locations and IP addresses in the United States have not been leaked, the browser expansion was leaking several DNS addresses on the sites we visited. This will let the sites know that you are using a VPN.


There are two more things to be aware of the safety of the Hotspot Shield VPN:


Originally, they reported that VPNs were confusing users about sharing information with third-party advertisers.


In another issue, a security researcher found in ancient 2018 called for the bug, which could cause the Hotspot Shield to streamline users in their original state and cause Wi-Fi network headlines.

These issues are something to think about, although the Hotspot Shield provides strong encryption and other security features.


Can Hotspot Shield VPN keep logs?

The Hotspot Shield VPN is headquartered in the states of the United States, among the founding members of this 5/9/14-eye alliance.


This alone should concern privacy-lovers; Furthermore, we have not had much of an impact on VPN’s privacy policy.


The great thing is that the VPN does not keep track of your internet activity usage. However, it does collect a lot of additional information.


  • Original IP address (deleted at the end of each session)
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Special mobile ID
  • Hardware version
  • Operating system version
  • Speech

“Network data”

We don’t particularly like obscure provisions, for example, “network details”.


This is worse if you use the free version of this VPN.


The measure of data that the Hotspot Shield gathers might be sufficient to distinguish you like a solitary substance – instead of all that you need in case you’re stressed over obscurity.

The Hotspot Shield VPN service does not include any ad blockers.


Can Hotspot Shield VPN  work in China?

Since China is improving its ability to detect and block VPNs on a daily basis, it is difficult to say for sure whether a VPN works in China.


In the Hotspot Shield VPN Review, users report aggregate results. Some users can use Hotspot Shield from China without any issue, although some cannot use VPN.


You can choose from four different length subscription programs using Hotspot Shield Premium. Each program includes very similar capabilities.


You’re about to find the best value for money using more subscription programs. The 3-year subscription is quite affordable, although a monthly subscription could probably cost you more.


The cost is reasonable for everything you buy with the Hotspot Shield VPN, but there are more affordable options on the market.


Yes, the Hotspot Shield VPN  includes a completely free variant:


There are several limitations to higher change (see below).

Hotspot Shield VPN Review


For example, Hotspot Shield VPN is supported by free ads and only gives you access to this US virtual site. You can’t get any loading material; You are about to encounter a paywall. You are limited to 500 MB per day.


Using Hotspot Shield VPN Free, we were impressed with the speed test results:


A hint: While the advanced service is not free, you are able to make the most of this 7-day free to view it.


All paid subscriptions include a 45-day generous refund guarantee – the longest we’ve seen.


Is the Hotspot Shield VPN compatible with your device?

The Hotspot Shield VPN can be used with the most important devices; The promised apps will be available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Hotspot Shield VPN provides a browser extension for Chrome.



On the other side, there is no manual establishment manual. The best way to utilize VPN is through a devoted application, so Hotspot Shield is good with switches, Linux, betting frameworks, keen TVs, and different gadgets.

It is possible to join up to five at a time using the Hotspot Shield VPN.


Some users will notice that the hotspot shield parent firm AnchorFree installs software on their hard disks known as AnchorFree HSS VPN Adapters. In keeping with the program, the port is motorized to support and stabilize your own VPN connection.



Hotspot Shield VPN uses powerful AES 256-bit encryption to connect your traffic.


It also uses perfect forward privacy, a key-agreement protocol that always changes your own encryption key. This guarantees that when the latest encryption key of your session is compromised, the rest of your data is protected.

All Hotspot Shield VPN local applications utilize the Vendor-claimed Catapult Hydra convention. The convention is fundamentally the same as Open SSL yet streamlined for the quickest association speeds, particularly for significant distances.

Hotspot Shield VPN Client Service:

We are happy to use Hotspot Shield’s client service, which can be a significant part of a higher VPN service.


The 24/7 live chat is responsive and helpful; We were assisted by a friendly agent within moments.


Most frequent issues can be resolved using the tools provided at the site’s support center. You can also submit a service ticket across the site if you wish.


The native applications of Hotspot Shield VN are user friendly and straightforward. The most important interface of the application is minimal and easy to browse.


You can quickly connect to a host using just one click.

Hotspot Shield VPN review


You are able to manually select the location of a server by clicking the world from the top right corner.


Clicking on a new location will instantly connect you to some host.


You can enter the list of virtual places by clicking on your current location while connected to this VPN.


Each time you connect to a VPN, you’ll see a map with your existing location, the duration of your session, and the number of data uploaded and downloaded during the semester.




The icon in the top-left corner will open Configurations.

Hotspot Shield VPN Review[2020]:The Best & Powerful VPN 1 Hotspot Shield VPN Review[2020]:The Best & Powerful VPN


In general, Hotspot Shield VPN has created an exceptional user experience using its native applications. Our only concern is the lack of complex configurations, especially in the non-Windows variations of this application.


For example, the only option offered from the macOS variant is to turn on the push alarm and strengthen the auto-start.


Conclusion of Hotspot Shield VPN Review:


Despite its advantages, we have received concerns regarding your security, privacy, and the anonymity of this VPN.


The Hotspot Shield has been mixed by several popular streaming websites, as well as the compatibility of the device could be even better than any other VPN service, like Cyberghost, Nord VPN


The Hotspot Shield VPN  app is easy enough for anyone to use, however, lacking innovative features can give mature users more freedom to personalize their relationships.


The Hotspot Shield VPN provides four top subscription programs. Each includes very similar features and differs only in the duration and price of the plan. More programs offer budget-friendly discounts.


There is also a completely free variant that works great but only allows limited information, server location, and streaming.


The site’s support center includes many helpful tools, such as device-specific troubleshooting manuals, FAQs, and a searchable support database.


The easiest way to communicate with customer support is 24/7 live chat service. You can submit a ticket application through the site.


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