A2 Hosting Review2020:How A2 Hosting Can Increase Your Profit

A2 Hosting Review[2020]: How A2 Hosting Can Increase Your Profit


On the lookout for affordable WordPress hosting to your next site? A2 Hosting provides some amazingly speedy performance in a similarly sudden low cost.

If you are on the market for a budget hosting which does not feel like funding hosting once you run it via velocity tests, you should keep studying my A2 Hosting reviews to find out more about A2 Hosting’s attributes, and to get a glimpse at the real world tests I conducted.

A Brief Introduction to A2 Hosting:

Initially launched in 2001 under another title, A2 Hosting can be found at Ann Arbor, Michigan (thus the A2 title ). That is all fine enough — but the most fascinating thing concerning A2 Hosting is that:


It is not a component of this Endurance International Group (EIG) conglomerate of internet hosts. If you are unfamiliar, EIG possesses several major internet hosts now, including big names such as HostGator, Bluehost, and heaps, heaps more.


In my view, that is a major incentive because EIG’s standing is…well, let’s just say it is somewhat significantly less than sterling.


A2 Hosting Inspection: The Feature/Spec List

Do not worry — I’m likely to run real-world tests and dig all these attributes in more detail in the upcoming sections. However, to start off, I only need to offer you a fast glance at whatever you receive with A2 Hosting’s cheap shared programs.


*Infinite bandwidth — move as much information as you want.

*SSD for all — SSD provides performance enhancements over the physical forces that some hosts still utilize.

*One-click WordPress supports — pretty much normal now, but nevertheless great to have.

*Free SSL certification — through Let’s Encrypt. A and since some significant hosts still do not support Let us Encrypt.

*WP-CLI — should you require it, you’ll possess WP-CLI pre-installed.

*24/7/365 service — get assistance when you need it through live chat, ticket, email, or telephone.

As soon as it is not handled WordPress hosting, it’s a good feature listing for the cost. By way of instance, with the exception of a few hosts, many funding hosts do not provide you PHP 7.X or even HTTP/2, each of which provides performance enhancements over the old technology employed by a number of more.


Then let us dive into A2 Hosting’s performance in some real-world tests…

A2 Hosting review Performance -Actual Testing Data

However good a host’s attribute list appears, it does not actually mean much when the performance is not there. So…let’s begin with performance.

I will run A2 Hosting via a couple of Pingdom tests from various data centers in addition to a Load Impact test to determine how it works under stress.


Here is exactly what I am testing:


Hosted in the North American information center. This plugin adds significant optimizations such as caching, minification, GZIP compression, and much more.

Divi 3.0 motif set up together with all the Homepage Company template as my site to bring some file dimensions and asks to the test page to get a more precise circumstance.

Aside from the added A2 Optimized Plugin, I did not include any performance optimizations of my very own. Nor did I tweak some of the A2 Optimized Plugin’s default configurations.


Notice -since I am using an unoptimized Divi template, A2 Hosting does not have the easiest task here. Lots of reviewers test utilizing what are basically blank WordPress supports (making it simple for just about any host to seem to load quickly ). This setup is far from sterile. Bear this in mind while you take a look at the testing information.


I will begin with two distinct Pingdom tests from two distinct data centers.


To get a test page using 851 kB and 78 outside asks, I would say that is fairly rapid:

a2 hosting review


And lastly, let us place the test site through some pressure testing using a situation from Load Impact. Unlike the initial tests which are based on a single visitor, Load Effect utilizes 25 different digital users 5 minutes to find out whether a site’s performance holds up as traffic increases.


For reference, I conducted my own Load Impact test using a loading zone in Columbus, Ohio.


Aside from that little spike in the start, my test site conducted well as the number of consumers increased.

a2 hosting review


Again, contemplating my test site was near 1MB and 78 requests, I would say A2 Hosting did a fantastic job sticking round the one minute mark in my Pingdom tests. Along with also the Load Impact test revealed no performance reduction under stress.


Alright, so you noticed how A2 Hosting plays in the actual world. However, how about the remaining qualities?


A2 Hosting uses cPanel because of its backend that’s fairly standard for funding hosts — but in addition, it means there is nothing super fascinating to see in the backend port.


I will provide you a fast run-through and attempt to highlight some of these exceptional capabilities. However, for the most part, you understand just what you’re getting in the event that you’ve used cPanel before.

a2 hosting review


The Backup Wizard is a Wonderful touch for allowing you to conduct manual copies and/or restores:



You also receive an entry to Server Rewind, which you won’t find at many shared hosts. This Permits You to drill down and restore individual files if desired:


Along with also the A2 Optimized tab enables you to configure server-side caching, SSL, and also some other optimization particulars from the cPanel dashboard:


Overall, it is cPanel…but using some useful additional goodies you won’t find at quite many shared hosts.


How Much Can A2 Hosting Price?

From the past two sections, I have shown you that A2 Hosting has stellar performance and a good feature list (even though it is not handled WordPress hosting). But just how much do these characteristics and performance price? Surprisingly small, really.



A2 Hosting’s most economical strategy, LITE, begins at only $3.92 with promotional pricing (begins at $7.99 then based on the number of weeks you cover at a time). That is very good for a single website, five databases, and unlimited transport.


A2 Hosting’s SWIFT program ups that to boundless sites and databases, along with all of the additional characteristics in LITE. For this, you will pay $4.90 promotional and $9.99 regular.


And ultimately, that the TURBO program gets you more energy for greater performance, in addition to all the additional attributes in SWIFT.

Should You accompany A2 Hosting?

I have personally tested several WordPress hosts in this stage and both top-performing hosts in this cost range are nearly constantly:


Between both, A2 Hosting is somewhat more affordable, while SiteGround contains some additional handled WordPress features like automatic upgrades + more (depending upon your program ).


If you’d like the best performance at the absolute lowest price, then A2 Hosting is your winner. In case the deficiency of handled WordPress hosting operation is a deal-breaker, then you may want to decide on something similar to SiteGround instead.


Overall, I do not believe you are going to be let down by A2 Hosting’s performance or service. Both are pretty darn great. And I really don’t think you will come across any better in the sub-$10 or sub-$20 price range.


Want to Start using A2 Hosting? Just click here to visit their website: Visit A2 Hosting



A2 Hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you are not risking any money by giving it a go. Furthermore, they’ll migrate your site for free — so you are not risking your own time. In addition, we possess an A2 Hosting coupon code that is able to help save you some money.



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